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Pallet Shrink Films 

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Pallet Stretch Films: Hand and machine stretch films are available ex stock. Clear, Black, Cast, Blown & Printed. Top sheets covers for pallets

Pallet Stretch Films

Heatshrink films: High clarity Bollore Polyolefin shrink films for excellent optics and product appearance. Films to suit small compact machines to sophisticated hi-speed wrappers.

Bollore Polyolefin shrink films

Bundle shrink films: For collation packs such as cans, jars, bottles & bulk items etc. LDPE and HDPE available 'off the shelf" in various sizes and thickness. Clear and coloured films, printed, flat sheet, tube & centre fold.

Bundle Shrink Films

Pallet bags & Custom films: Available in various lengths, size and thickness. Wide films for large shrink jobs such as boats, air conditioners, large transportation items using a Heatshrink gas gun.

Pallet Shrink Films

BOPP films: For Flow Wrapper & Over Wrappers. Applications include CD, DVD, Printers, Food & Pharmaceutical. Printed films to customer specifications. 

BOPP Films

Shrink Sleeves & Tamper Seals: Ex stock and made to client specifications. Printed, tear tab & perforation. Used throughout the Pharmaceutical, Medical, Beverage, Retail and promotional industries.
Shrink Sleeves and Tamper Seals

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